pic: A Robot, "Pimped" By Ted


This image came about after a conversation with Elgin Clock about what the 237 robot would look like blue, orange, and in true Dave Lavery style… "Pimped"

This is funny. Teddy is trying to e a pimp… hahahahahaha…

… This is what happens when you share a pic and “what if” ideas with someone who likes photoshop.

Good job Tom.

I have just 4 words for that bot…

Bow Chica Bow Wow!

edit: I see a mentor from Team 50 is in the background scouting our bot’s Magic Stick. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow… just wow… this proves that anything can turn up on ChiefDelphi. I did pimp out our 2004 bot with some glow wire for the off season competitions, but this takes the cake.

Good job Tom!

Elgin said you guys have a sponsor that does anodization. I think you should get the bot done blue and orange (or blue and pink) for Battlecry. Mount some super bright green LEDs to the bottom, give it a pair of furry dice, and give your arm operator a pimp hat. Oh ya, that would be cool.

We will see :wink: :cool: .

another case of FIRST Students Living up to their “Heros”

now does Ted think its Pimp

that is hilarious ahahaha

I think he stole my hat…


Haha, I think you may be right in this case. Anyways, the bot looks pimpin’. Can’t wait to take her out for a drive in Atlanta. :cool:

Revenge of the pimpage…

roflmao at that

we pimped our bot cart with some neons…

nicely done mike, lol

ahahah good job mike!

tom why do i have a hook? haha

what that robot needs is…spinners

Duh, the latest innovation in gangsta fashion is hooks. Why have a “9” when you can have a hook?

Wow…Tom…i think you need to get a job…but good call on putting fitty cent in the background.

I have a job… LAKE COMPOUNCE!!!

But, since the park doesnt open until May, I am currently unemployed. :frowning: