pic: A side of "Big Mike" nobody has seen

During the fire alarm … this angle is from as far up as I could reach.

Brandon, i think that if you look at the Name Tag it will clearly show that, this isnt a picture of me Big Mike, but of Paul Copioli pretending to be me

[internal thought: geez, Brandon, you couldn’t have posted that one about four hours earlier when I was looking for a caption contest picture?]

I thought the only way to get that kind of a shot would be to get up on the second floor of a building. Apparently, Mr. Martus here proved me wrong.

I think you’re forgetting how tall Brandon really is compared to “Big Mike”.

ok, so what I’m thinking is - (with Mike @ 6’8" and Brandon @ 7’2", I’m trying to remember correctly…)
da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man says the length of the arm span = the height.
So the camera was about 8’ 4" in the air, 20" above ‘Big Mike’.

Does that sound about right?

That obviously isnt my good side… or is it, i can’t tell 0o

brandon is shorter than me… i am 6’10"

You are 6’10" and Brandon is ‘shorter’.
Sorry, I know you’ve said before but my search didn’t work: How tall is “Big Mike”?

Maybe you will hopefully answer this question, was Brandon standing on his tippy toes when he took the picture? (I think it would add cough 4 inches. :))
I used a wall, my husband’s wingspan, and my lime green measuring tape to figure this out last night :eek: and it’s wrong. Sad and pitiful…

As if we didn’t have a hard enough time telling you and Paul Copioli apart, now you’re switching nametags!?! :ahh: