pic: A sight you don't generally want to see

This was sometime before finals–I don’t have a bracket in front of me. Note the ball flying at the goal, presumably from 968.

oh man, that was great. i was thrilled that we actually got to work together. man, if only we both got out auto modes working at 100%. the cal games were awesome, hope i can go again next year.

Well, a problem with our autonomous mode was that the THREE different pieces of carpet stuck together offset our autonomous drive PID and gyro kill switch :confused: . We were not able to fix that at the competition (and some other problems in the auton code). Did any other team have a problem with the light system at the beginning of autonomous mode?

Hey man… I know our bot was ugly… but we dont get to be in a photo??

Beauty (or a lack thereof) is only skin deep.

(Most of my photos were taken when sanddrag was announcing; I was doing well to get four or five photos from a match, and have two of them be remotely non-blurry. Trying to get those results while holding a microphone, talking into it, and being as animated as I tend to be when announcing would just be impossible, and probably result in the miserable failure of both tasks.)

not to mention, but you were on the other side of the field ;)… great match, love it, had a blast.

Fair enough… Just dont ever doubt a rolling garbage can…

haha ok, its all good, hope you guys had a fun.

wow… that’s pretty intimidating… good thing my team didn’t go… we might just faint at the sight…