pic: A slight shipping error

“Oh no…they replaced our robot with a small woman :P” -James ‘AcesJames’ Temple, the guy who also took this picture.

They really need to make sure crates get inspected better…

Also, she wasn’t strapped in very well :ahh:

Somehow the door came off of our crate when it shipped home from Atlanta – the screws ripped right out. Everything was intact and accounted for (and well-secured), but that was scary!

Our robot definitely was not replaced with a small woman. Perhaps because she was already named “Karen”?

Airfare is getting expensive, but I don’t know if it’s cheaper to ship students in a giant crate. Maybe if you packed more students in, you’d see some savings! (and everyone would be more secure)

The fun thing about this picture was that she actually did fit in the crate, since she’s as tall as the robots the crate was designed for :smiley:

(I’m also pretty sure she’d keep the crate under the weight limit, too :stuck_out_tongue: )

Kelsey Starr: portable for your convenience :smiley:

I would have so many back problems if I went into our crate… I have a hard enough time getting the robot out of it yet alone stay in it.

Same here actually. Our crate opens up and is secured by a lock when closed. When we got it back, the whole lock assembly was gone. Everything remained intact though.

So I’m guessing crate damage this year didn’t just happen to us then? Because as you can see in the picture, there’s a small hole on the bottom right where it looks like something jabbed through the crate. We also found later that the entire back side of the crate had been hit and shifted upward, bending some of the half inch thick bolts that were holding it in place.

Crate damage is a perennial problem. There are some horror stories on CD from previous years.

Wood crates aren’t the only victims either–330’s aluminum crate took a forklift tine through the door a couple years back. Luckily, it would have hit one of the securing blocks instead of the robot.

Not a lot of people fit in 330’s crate, though. Something about a shelf at about 4’ off the floor, and possibly a screening partition about 2/3 of the way over…

Everyone’s stories is starting to make me fear for all those robots out there being shipped back home x.x

Speaking of shipping accidents, the link beow is the scariest thing I’ve seen.