pic: A small, magenta 3D Printed Scale Model of 4183's robot, TiMMy


This was my project a few weeks ago. On Saturday, at a robotics meeting, one of our mentors had bought an Ultimaker 3D Printer and had not yet assembled it. When you get a bunch of geeks and cool project, stuff happens. So, we soon had a 3D printer. I spent the rest of the week in Autodesk Inventor, making a simplified model of our robot to be printed. We sold these prints at our spaghetti night fundraiser, and hope to have a slightly bigger one in our pit at championships.

That’s awesome!

Do you mind uploading your CAD file so i could see how simplified it has to be? I was thinking about doing the same with ours.


Plastic models of robots are always such a cool thing…we have ones of some of our old bots, and it’s just so cool (even the totally broken 2009 one…)

how simplified it has to be: one “big” chunk.

If it is more then one part file or more then one solid body, it is likely to complex (unless u want something rattling around inside in which case multiple solid bodies is ok).

Cool! I’ve been trying to get a similar model made on my team’s Thing-O-Matic. Did you use the shrinkwrap tool in Inventor or make a new to scale model? If you did use shrinkwrap, what settings did you use?

How do you like the Ultimaker? A 3D printer is on my to-do list of things to do in the near future and i’m curious how well the Bowden type extruder works I’ve heard mixed reviews.

Although I am not the Ultimaker’s owner, I have been very satisfied with its performance. I’ll ask its owner to comment on this thread with his opinion.

I did not use shrinkwrap. I made new CAD drawings for the model at 1:1 scale, scaling them down in the ReplicatorG software that runs the printer. I did reuse some sketches and took measurements from the model, but a lot of the information came from photos of the robot.

I’ll have a model up shortly at http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/papers/2670.

Nice work. You should post it on thingiverse.com

I have been wanting to print a miniature model of 222’s robot, but I haven’t had anyone to CAD up a miniature to print yet.

Have fun with your friends new toy! :smiley:

We drew an entirely new model in Inventor. It’s all very approximate, and the proportions of the robot are scaled to make it buildable.

The Ultimaker works pretty well. I’m still getting it dialed in. There is a problem with leaking plastic dripping on the product, which has caused print shifting problems. (The extruder barrel to nozzle seal is critical and it’s not documented in the build wiki. )