pic: A Teacher's First Render

So - as a Social Studies Teacher turned Robotics Coach I always try to learn something new each year. This year, I have been enjoying learning SolidWorks.

Today we had to get a part ordered quickly so I used a bit of class-time while students were watching a TED video to get this drawn out. Yes - its a shaft.

Can anyone guess what for?

A square shaft? Can you change that to hex? More efficient with space and reduces stress concentrations (apparently).
Most likely for a brake/ winch.

::grins:: The square is required actually :slight_smile:

My guess would have been that it’s a translator for a limit switch, but that’s just me taking a Rorschach test (my current project is a translator for a limit switch).

OK, by shaft do you mean that it rotates? The clue that the square is necessary implies that it engages with something that you’re getting off the shelf, or perhaps off the field. I don’t see how this would engage with litter or a tote, so I’m going to guess that it’s something to engage the lip of a recycle container and tilt it for easier human player loading of litter.

Just want to applaud YOU, and stepping out of a comfort zone into this world and supporting kids. You’re a rare person, your kids are lucky folks!

Thank you. When I started this journey five years ago, I had no idea what I was in for.

I gonna bet you were told something along the lines of “It’s only six weeks”