pic: A thank you message...

“A picture is worth a thousand words.“
(And a sign helps too!)
Here are several satisfied and ecstatic customers with their Andymark.biz order.
They are Mr. Williams who is the Robotics Coach and mentor for Team 334 in Brooklyn. To the left is Aniella, VP for Engineering Technology, Rogaite is the Team Captain and President of the Robotics Club, Aneesha is the VP of Public Relations and Team Coordinator.

Well… thank you for being a customer. Mark and I hope they work well for your team. This is the stuff that inspires me to work hard. I am absolutely thrilled that your team is happy with these parts.

On a side note… aren’t those little, white, donut-shaped stickers as cute as a button? :slight_smile:

Andy B.

proven how Andymark.biz is helping other teams out. told you andy that its a very cool idea!!! :slight_smile: