pic: A Tie-Dye Family.

Dancing to the YMCA, Dan Green and his daughter.

Congrats to Dan Green for being the Midwest Regional volunteer of the year.

Way to go Dan!!!

Also… congrats to Wildstang for being:

Midwest Regional Chairman’s Award winners
Midwest Regional winners
Midwest Regional WFFA winner : Al Skierkiewicz

Andy B.

Yes congrats to Wildstang, you guys did amazing, it was an honor and a pleasure to watch you in action, and Dan it was an honor and a pleassure to get to work with you at 2 events this year.

I think it was Jack Jones who said “So this is what you calll a triple play?” when wildstang took the top 3 awards at the regional.

looks like there is a little announcer in training

congrats mr. first