pic: A Traitor?

Do my eyes deceive me? Corey Balint, founder of MAVERICK, with a n.e.r.d. button?

I don’t believe it. :rolleyes: Who stole his tag?

This is pretty odd, considering that I believe NERD buttons are only supposed to go to NERDs. :rolleyes:

Or am I wrong?

so why is face not in the picture?

and his hands would be covered in sharpie.

Who says those are his hands??? And plus I took that picture. Of course it was Corey :yikes:

hahaha yay corey!

maybe he didn’t keep the button. maybe it was a peace offering. or maybe…it’s an imposter…


I’ll believe it’s Corey when I see “n.e.r.d” Shapied on his forehead in a pic. :smiley:

phew for a moment I thought this was gonna be about 675’s adopted college student who’s been telling us all of a certain teams dark and occasionally humorous secrets…

That black shirt also looks like a NERD shirt, and the R can barely be seen inbetween the button and the nametag…


I was Corey Balint for about 2 hours yesterday.

This is not me, though.

You were also an alliance captain for about an hour yesterday, and trying to get 233 to give up their autonomous routines to you, so I’m not sure I’d take your word on that.

Hmm if that picture isn’t Tom, then my next guess would be Jeff. I remember that there was a time of stealing Corey’s clothes and accesories (don’t worry he still had a 1403 shirt on)

Marra, I hate you.
P.S. His girlish hands give it away. :stuck_out_tongue:

psssh the hand on the right is mine. i’m glad it looks girlish. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was talking about the hand on the left… :stuck_out_tongue:

still a jerk corey, still a jerk. :rolleyes:

I think both hands look girlish… They could be hand models!!! LOL :rolleyes:

Don’t get me started on you elgin… :wink:

wooooah burns! :yikes:

Yeah thats what I was saying about my eyes after seeing Greg’s hands…

yeah i know that was lame.