pic: A Very Special Greeter

I walked by this greeter early one morning and he very carefully waved each of his five fingers at me. (No small feat in that hand). I was grinning as I kept walking and finally, I had to turn around and go back to ask him if I could please take a photo of him. While I was taking the photo, he was carefully waving at the camera. I love this photo. It is the face of the 2012 Championship Event Volunteers/Greeters to me.

This gentleman was the first one to greet our team as we got off the plane Wednesday morning. We had left from our school at 2:30 AM to catch a 6 AM flight, and had arrived in St. Louis at 8:30 AM. He was standing there with that waving hand, smiling and saying “Welcome to St. Louis!” He made sure that we knew where to find our hotel, transportation, etc… Later, on Thursday, as we were coming into the Dome, I saw him standing there giving directions. I went up to him to say “Hello!” He said, “I saw you yesterday at the airport!” and then wished our team well! As Jane said, he was the face of a FIRST volunteer!

Such a great photo. Definitely the face of a FIRST volunteer. Such a warm and cheerful person! :slight_smile:

At our Volunteer Orientation/Training meeting, we were told that the people from St. Louis stepped up. They were the people who did all the meeting and greeting at the airport and they did a lot at the venue. I’m very proud of our St. Louis supporters and their generosity. It was a special time to be able to share my St. Louis pride with my family over the weekend. We are from St. Louis.