pic: Aaron's mohawk record on Wendy's Kids Meal bag!

OK, so my wife and I buy some Wendy’s Kids Meals last night during a family trip, and I see a familiar mohawk on the side of the bag… how cool is that?! Go to Wendy’s, and buy your own Kids Meal! I want an autographed copy.

That’s rad. Congrats’ Aaron!

I have seen the bag, and it is really cool!!! (no, I mean I have seen that particular bag - the one that Andy has. Not a bag like the one that Andy has. I mean I have seen the very bag that Andy has. Ah, whatever.) Seeing Aaron on the side of a Kids Meal bag was a little strange at first. But then it became really cool - we get to say that we know a guy with world-record-hair!


are those the roboraiders signature hawaiin shirts in the picture below?

Good stuff, congratulations Aaron.

Raider Robotix (Team 25), not the RoboRaiders (75), wear hawaiian shirts; and no, those pictured are not ours, although they do have a similar color scheme to the our 2006 shirts.

Congrats Aaron!

that’s pretty sweet… you’re, like, famous

The most people wearing balloon hats should have been the UTC/CT Regional in 2005. We must have made and passed out at least that many tetra hats over the weekend… :smiley:

Haha! That’s awesome! I may go into Wendy’s and ask for a bag (I really don’t eat too much that they have there) and get a Frosty! Way to go Aaron!

Hey! Thats me!

I’ve been way too busy lately, so i don’t get much time on here anymore, but someone mentioned that the picture was here.

It’s pretty cool…I’ll gladly sign and send bags to whoever wants one, i think i have like 10 or so bags left.

I actually didn’t know i was on there until someone I had never met recognized me at CVS…kinda weird.

I was actually in London for a week with my family for Guinness, all paid for…and then i was in LA two weeks ago, and i’m flying back tuesday to be on Ellen! Check it out…i think it will be on Thursday!