pic: Accessorizing-FIRST style

I’ve gotten some great gifts of earrings based on the game or even the game hints. Many thanks to all who help me accessorize each year! The ring is included because it was a gift from the Woz - it does interesting illusions when it is rotated.

I’m very jealous.

Wow, these almost make me want to get my ears pierced…

. Almost.:yikes:

I see fish!

Very nice collection.

Go for it, dude.

Or - all those dangles would make great dangles on a necklace of beads of your choice of color.

I like the little container, Jenny. You rock, as always.
P.S. Thanks for all your help all the time any time.

i think those would also look great hung from my xmas tree=)

miny innertubes ftw!

Gifts from the Woz? Few things in this world make me cry and I think that would just about do it. At SVR last year I met him and he signed my shirt. What a respectable guy. He came and judged our pit so I gave him a fanboy talk about how much he inspires me, and his response was that he feels the same way towards me (I’m guessing it retroactive towards all robo-kids) and that we do this competition. I was impressed. And I got alook at his cool watch.

He is so cool.

Now there is a recycling idea!
Or hanging like fishing lures on a certain fishing vest…
Oh, the possibilities!

What’s the story behind the Woz Ring? Like how did you get it? Also are you able to take photos of the illusions it creates? I would love to see them. I laughed at the mini-tote. :smiley:

Vacuum Tube watch FTW! I would so totally wear that even if the Woz didn’t.

If you g**g*e “optical illusion ring”, you will see it. (I just checked).

The story is pretty simple. We are both FIRST event volunteers, along with thousands of others. Two years ago he gave out these rings as presents to some, and I was at the receiving end. :slight_smile:

How did you make the mini inner-tubes? :ahh: They’re adorable :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember you judging in 2007 wearing those keeper earrings. SO COOL!

The credit for those little keeper tubes goes to the very talented Ms. Liz Smith.

A FIRST memory. Sitting around a table in a local “crab house” with a group of alums volunteering for the Chesapeake. In no time, they built a miniature rack out of silverware and crab mallets and who knows what else, in the center of the table, and then they hung these earrings on the rack. Priceless! There is probably a photo somewhere in some cell phone.

Ah, yes! I think I remember seeing her with those earrings as well. I could be mistaken though. I need to come up with something this year since I’m not the “earring type”. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, thats right.

If you (or anyone else) would like, I’ll make you something cool to “wear” for this upcoming season. Send me a note. :slight_smile:

gasp OMG that’d be awesome! What could you make/create (and i make) for someone without their ears pierced? I’ll IM you later!