pic: Accreditation to our alliances

No single team can get to where we are going by themselves. Here’s to our alliances who helped us get past Einstein. Hold on, it’s gonna be a swervey ride!

I see quite a few of my favorite team numbers on that list, and I know the list of teams wishing yours success at FoC is even longer

Go Stryke Force! Drive smart, and shoot a crap-ton of fuel!

We had a blast playing with (and against) you at MSC this year. Good luck at FoC this weekend, and congrats on a phenomenal season!

That is so cool!!! The MARS Rovers (4004) wish you guys best of luck at FoC and we hope that the One Victor will include Michigan teams. Go Stryke Force!!!

Good Luck Stryke Force. It is always a pleasure to compete with your team.

Thanks for the recognition. :slight_smile:
I had to go back and check, I didn’t remember playing with you, seems we were always playing against you… :slight_smile:

So we did play together once, and we did win. :slight_smile: Yeay!

We played against you 6 times, and we went 3 wins, 3 losses. ( I can live with that :slight_smile: )

Great team! Love playing with and against you.