pic: Aces High 176 Breakaway Bot

Our robot’s first round at the scrimmage we hosted on 2/20.

Looks Great

I hope those aren’t your blue regional bumpers. The blue is the wrong shade :ahh:

Sweet! As always! Looking forward to seeing you guys in CT:)

Looks like the crazy weather didn’t affect you guys too badly. I’m looking forward to taking a closer look at DC. See you there!

Actually, weather wasn’t too bad up here. We missed 2 or 3 days total, I think, but we were pretty down to the wire getting everything completely functional the way we wanted.

Also, forgot to add some info on the bot itself in the OP, so here it is:

6 wheel articulating drive, powered by 4 CIMs on the AM Toughboxes
Winch w/ steel cable for elevating, powered by an FP motor
Kicker powered by a spring and 2 window motors
All aluminum welded/powder-coated frame

Thanks for the kind comments as well :slight_smile:

you guys had a nice bot in suffield… you guys were one of the few bot that had the ability to hang… good luck this year and look forward to seeing you guys in CT

Great looking bot as usual, can’t wait to check it out at UTC.

Any chance of more pictures from Suffield coming out soon?

We have some VERY blurry pictures we took from the sidelines inbetween running the scrimmage, but other than that, there aren’t any from us. Some other teams may have some though. There were about 30 teams that attended, and I know a few teams took pictures of bots as they walked around the pits. I did manage to find one good pic of the official field though.


hmm looks familiar… did you steal our design? jk but it is similar

It was great working with you guys in the finals! That drivetrain was perfect for defense.

Thanks a bunch! What’s really shocking is that we hadn’t designed our robot for defense at all. In fact, we were using much the same setup as a lot of other teams. 2 toughboxes and sticky wheels. Our only difference was the 6 wheel articulation. You see, we had wanted to originally stay in the close zone, kick and herd to the goal, and then climb over the bump and elevate. Although, as you saw, our kicker needed programming, and our elevator needed reworking.

I guess it might be a good thing though…I mean, it did allow us to find our true calling as defenders, and all together our alliance was definitely quite potent. Thanks again for a great time in DC. I for one had a great time on the field with both the REX and Wild Cog drive teams. You guys are truly fantastic. :smiley: