pic: Aces High 176 testing drive


We test that way too. Those Andy Mark KOP wheels sure grip well.

Yeah I designed that. All but that big thing on top. Where’d that come from??

Now you can watch a video of the big thing.



not too much ground clearnace, huh? planning on driving up any ramps?

It’s got 2.5" ground clearance in the center which should be enough for any well designed ramp.

I remember when i was a sophomore in HS doing that very thing. It was a tradition for me in HS for some strange reason. I wonder if I’ll do it on the penguins robot this year…

Looks like a good option, just hope that you dont get pushed in the omnis too much. My old team, 830, had a holonomic drive last year and was abused match after match because of the sliding properties of the omniwheels