pic: Action at the Vex scrimmage at the Duel

‘Photos Used by Permission. Marco Ciavolino / marco@ciavolno.com / www. Techbrick.com

What are the technical limitations that required you guys to use phone cords instead of the radios? Were there too many robots, or was it something with autonomous?

I’m not very familiar with how VEX is controlled in a competition environment, but it seems that tethers would start to cause an issue if you and another robot decided you wanted to drive around each other in circles.

Normally, FVC events are run on radio, with the radios receiving a cable connected to the competition controller via their tether ports. I assume tethers were used for some other reason (interference? not enough crystals to go around?)

This photo is from the practice sessions. We used the tethers to prevent interference from one bot to another. During the actual matches we handed out crystal sets and the robots were run on RC mode.