pic: actual car, but every actual car part is replaced with FRC stuff

mostly an excuse to make that gearbox :smiley:

Holy center-of-mass-not-in-center-of-robot batman!

A battery in the far corner would probably address that.

Uh… have fun turning?

You stop that

ahhh summer chief …

Add a line shaft so you have have that sweet sweet 4WD.


Definitely do this. Go all the way!

needs a diff

Look up Ackermann Steering

It has one

Alright, I guess the next step is 24x 775pro 4WD with multiple batteries. Or I could make this actually viable and use brushless motors?


Just cause the wheels turn doesn’t mean the robot will. The understeer on this would be atrocious! But the gearbox and differential look awesome.

Needs suspension.
And grippier tires.
And a better diff than open
And a stiffer frame to make the suspension work well
And a cockpit (or electronics and make it like roborace)
list continues

SAE/FIRST join forces and produce FFC (FIRST Formula Competition)?

Oh, this thing will have a pretty hearty torque steer on account of the axles being different lengths. That small of a drive shaft isn’t exactly stiff. And of course the weight imbalance exists but that’s been mentioned and could be offset by the other things you need yet.

Pretty much equates to this: http://www.powerracingseries.org/

It’s good stupid fun, I’ve raced some myself.

I know a few Michigan teams have competed.


Or FBC (FIRST Baja Competition).