pic: Adam Richards joins 237 for an appealing adventure in Atlanta

Adam decided to throw inhibition to the wind, and try on the Banana suit that Laura from 1547 took over and became spirit captain with while joining Team 237 down in Atlanta.

I know… It’s complicated. Just be happy we have this pic of him. lol

Ohhh Billfred!!! Where are you?? :-p

He kinda does look like a little girl, those small arms and such. haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

Elgin, you are my hero for uploading this. :slight_smile:

I had the pleasure of meeting Adam at UCF. Had no idea he would go bananas. Nice look Adam.

Oh gg. :yikes: I just do what I’m requested, and cause it was funny. lol
<I won’t tell anyone you asked me to upload it if you don’t tell.> :stuck_out_tongue:
I have a ton of pics I want to put up on CD, but I know there has to be a limit on that. This was just one of the selected few.

I’ll have to pick out a couple more selected few which I think the CD community will enjoy.

You mean that is not a Heidi Photoshop job?:smiley:
That was my first reaction to that picture, it is so hard to tell anymore.

Nope. Although I did finally get a chance to meet Heidi this year in Atlanta and she presented me with a photoshop inspired gift, this is not her work. lol

Adam actually did this willingly if you believe that. :yikes:
Everyone loves the Banana Suit. :smiley:

Best 40 bucks I ever spent I’m thinkin’. :stuck_out_tongue:

A story with pictures…

Adam discovers the banana suit…

Adam starts to channel the power of the BANANA SUIT.

The outfit is complete! CAN HE HANDLE THE POWER?!?!?

CAN HE?!?!?

To think this guy is my best friend…

Oh, and my room mate asked me why I had a banana suit on, instead told him it was my twin.

I knew putting on that suit was a bad idea…

Elgin, you’re visiting the fountain next year. :smiley:

Did somebody say Photoshop?


AHHHH I’m actually sitting here right now and laughing. My dog probably thinks I’ve gone mental or something. Oh banana suit…how I miss thee. HAHAHA it’s amazing how many people turn and look at you and ask to take a picture with you in that thing. Definetly the best mascot costume EVER. Trying to dress adam in that outfit was priceless.

Oh yeah, I have pics of how hard it was just to get him INTO the costume…:rolleyes:

Bannanas, in pajamas. Coming down the stairs. Bannanas, in pajamas… (I’ve forgotten the words).

Very Nice!!