pic: Adding Memory to the RoboRIO

Playing around with swap space on the RoboRIO and this seemed like an interesting way to test it. Gist is here with more details: https://gist.github.com/marshallmassengill/05c8fc02067c0677bc3fe2d299322292

I blame Kevin for this. It’s all his fault.

Can’t you just download more memory?

Yes It’s incredibly effective.

You gotta have an internet connection on the robot for that and we didn’t want to risk not having that at a competition.

You got issues man… serious issues.

Would you like the list of what’s wrong with you in alphabetical or topical order?

Come on. You easily could’ve downloaded it at your shop and then used the new RAM at competition.

Or you could’ve pulled a 900 and modified your RIO to also be a router and used your own private WiFI to download RAM at competition. And kill the FMS while you’re at it. :wink:

I mean, I didn’t have a zip drive handy so I had to make do…

They are far better at killing field pieces than the FMS… the FMS kills them. It’s like some sort of weird rock-paper-scissors game.

So… field pieces kill the FMS? I haven’t been around awhile but I haven’t seen that. Yet.

Maybe it’s just MAD? 900 kills the hopper, it falls on them, and then the FMS has a fit about both of them. No one’s happy. Yay!

I saw a thread. I saw it was started from a picture. I saw it was started by Marshall. I saw the title.

Then I saw the picture, and I was disappointed. Given the above, I expected to see a RoboRIO opened up with some big RAM sticks soldered onto it.

Somehow, this solution is just too… pedestrian for my expectations :smiley: Could it be that 900 is actually getting less crazy?

He sent me a link to https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1353413-REG/wd_wdbfbe0200jbk_nesn_20_tb_my_book.html earlier… So I’m guessing this is just proof of concept until that arrives.

I don’t know what to say to this. I’m wounded. :wink:

At the end of Marshall’s project, i expect his RIO to be running a full blown FMS, a copy of The Blue Alliance and the entire text of wikipedia. And be legal for field use.

Y’know Marshall, more and more I’m starting to get a mad scientist vibe off of you and the Zebracorns. And I like it.


I think it’s more like Tim “The Toolman” Taylor than Doc Emmett Brown, but yeah.

Like Stratis, I was expecting memory soldered to the busses inside the RIO, not storage hung of the USB drive.

My personal mental image of Marshall.

This is probably the right response.

Just thinking out loud but while we do enjoy a challenge (especially me) - soldering things to the rRIO isn’t strictly legal I don’t believe. That being said, if any LRIs want to confirm that it is legal then I’m happy to give it a go but removing the conformal coating is going to be tricky…

You might possibly run afoul with this year’s R71, or other years’ analogues: