pic: Adults Working Hard

Adult goats working Hard

What do I like most about this pic? The Angus Young/q 95 billboard in the background…woo.

(For those of you who don’t know who Angus Young is, he is the lead guitarist/co-founder of AC/DC)


ok… this is a good Kyle Love story:

Last year, on the TechnoKats, we decided to have a “Rock and Roll” theme. We had these black shirts with a Journey-esque logo, and “tour dates” on the back. Everyone dressed up in rock and roll attire. It was a big time.

Our drive team had the idea to dress up as rock and roll characters. David Abney, the (part time) drive team coach dressed up as “Bruce Springsteel”. We were thinking of what Kyle should dress up as, since he was the driver (and student leader). I recommended Angus Young.

Kyle’s response was “who is Angus Young?”

And now, since Kyle is a mentor, he is educating the rest of the world on his favorite lead guitarist.

… they grow up so fast, these kids!

And, with regard to the Goats… it looks like someone waxed Randy’s head. Way to go!

Andy B.

Adults aren’t supposed to work hard, that’s what the kids are for!

pshhh… band geeks

No one is allowed to dress up like Angus Young unless they used to listen to “Dirty Deeds” on 8-track :wink:

and now, back to the thread, why do these folks look so relaxed? I mean even when I’m not breaking stuff I’m usually worried about other people breaking stuff.

Haha I love pictures like this.

We always meant to get shovels for the mentors in our pit, but… never got around to it.

Looks like they might need a ride …


Dirty Deeds was not released in the US until 1981 long after 8-tracks had faded. I bought it on cassette.

In 1981 my 8-track player was alive and well :slight_smile:

8 Track Tape players were never “alive and well” even when they were new. However, they made a ton of money for Mr. Lear.

But nobody cool enough to listen to ACDC would have still had one.

I tossed mine out in 1978. :slight_smile:

now this is what being a mentor is all about

Good thing he had a kind and caring hard rocker for a mentor!

Does this make me uncool because I still have one? :eek:

now its a collectable and retro, so your not uncool for having one lol :smiley:

I wish weather was warm enough to have car wash, and sit out behind the trucks talking… :frowning:

Darn you and where ever you live!

If those are the adult goats, where are all the “kids”?..heh heh :cool:

That’s one of the most inspirational stories on FIRST!

Changing the culture to one where youngsters actually appreciate classic rock is one of the noblest goals a FIRST mentor should aspire to achieve.

Gracious Professionalism, Stones, Woodie Flowers, The Who, Dean Kamen, AC/DC, CCR, Cream, etc., all are terms students must learn (and hey, if you don’t like the Beatles, I ain’t mentoring you :p) from their FIRST experience - the engineering skills can be left to be developed in college, and they will, if you teach them to listen to the real stuff.

PS - Kyle is lucky he’s not on 383. Although asking “who is Angus Young?” would probably not get him kicked out of the team, he’d never ever be a driver, and that’s the only serious part of my post - the driver interview from a couple of years ago did include a question about AC/DC :wink:

OK you caught me, so do I.

But I didn’t in 1981!