pic: AEAT-6600 incremental and absoulte encoder

A 3D-printable encoder made from an AEAT-6600 encoder IC.
I was browsing for cheap encoder ICs to mess with and found this one. It is unique in that it has both absolute and incremental outputs in one package. Output is 10-bit PWM for absolute and quadrature for incremental.
Output shaft must be at least 3/16", so 6mm and 1/4" outputs are easy. It is supported by ball bearings. It has to be made on a lathe due to the stepped shaft design unless the output shaft is 3/16".

It mounts with an M18x2 thread and 3D printed nut.

The IC is $8.15 from Digikey, the two ball bearings are $2.50 each from USA Bearings and Belts, and the other few components on the PCB are ~$1. The PCB itself is $0.40 from Oshpark. Due to the low price I might make one of these eventually.

I will probably not release the CAD on GrabCAD due to the hassle of saving Eagle and SW files (plus custom Eagle parts), but PM me your email if you want me to send you a zip of the necessary files.

Where are you sourcing the magnet from?

10mmx3mm N35 neodymium magnet with a 0.118"/3mm countersunk hole. Ebay seller have them for very cheap (maybe $0.10 each) or K&J magnets should have it.

Doesn’t the new SRX Encoder have the same interface? Granted, this design saves teams a couple of dollars if they’re willing to do the fabrication, but I don’t think it’s unique.

Oh neat, you’re right. Well it is unique among IC’s anyway; most are either quadrature or absolute, not both. This is the cheapest IC I found that has both (ironically it is also one of the cheapest pure-quadrature hall effect sensors).