pic: After The Atlanta Tornado


An aerial view of the Georgia Dome, Georgia World Congress Center & Philips Arena. Officials acknowledged the Dome roof was damaged Friday, but the full extent is still being assessed by a team of structural engineers. IMHO, I think they can be repaired pretty quickly.

GWCC C, level 1 (bottom) is where the pits are usually located for the Championship event. There is water damage in that building from a broken water pipe but does not appear to have the roof damage of buildings A & B. Repairs in the GWCC may take longer. Photo courtesy the AJC.

This (March 14, 2008) is the first tornado in recorded history to strike downtown Atlanta.

Well its good to know there will be no problems. Even though a hole in roof of C would look pretty cool because we’d be able to see outside from the pits.

I am more worried about the downtown hotels that so many teams count on. What shape are they in?

Well I heard the only one that got affected was the Omni. And that just had broken windows. Shouldnt take very long to get that fixed. I am not sure if any others were affected.

Even though its kindof in shambles at the moment, looking at that picture makes me even more impatient for atlanta! i cant wait

hopefully, though, the damage to GWCCB wont pose too much of a problem… because though the championship is ~ a month away, thats not a lot of time to do repairs like that

I hope you’re right. Replacing windows like that aren’t like going to Lowe’s and picking up some panes of glass. I bet many of those rooms won’t be available for months.

From everything we have heard and seen locally, it appears that the downtown hotels suffered primarily broken windows. Of course those rooms with no windows will have water damage. Plywood is temporarily being put in place to protect the inside and glass will very soon replace the wood.

The Atlanta tourism industry, GWCC, GA Dome and hotels can not afford to not bring their facilities back up to normal operations very quickly.

Yeah. You are correct. Wasn’t thinking. I would hope if they arent available FIRST would do something to help those teams who were going to be there. I am down for letting people stay with the team. Don’t know about my mentors though. Or the hotel for that matter.

As a matter of clarification – the pits are in GWCC Building C. Damage in B ought not affect C’s use, though there’s some apparent damage to C, as well. The infamous staircase waterfall was in the Building C lobby.

I was on Wikipedia (which i know is not entirely a reliable source) and in its article on FIRST, it says that because of the effects of Atlanta’s tornado, the 2008 Nationals (Championship) will be held in Las Vegas. It seems pretty unlikely. Do you think this is true?

Here’s the link: Wikipedia: FIRST: First Robotics Competition The statement is the last sentence of the paragraph.

This seems very unlikely. Most people bought their tickets to Atlanta already and booked hotels. I believe this would cause mass chaos. The buildings should be fine by than.

its wikipedia. no need to freak out- someone was probably trying to create minor confusion.

well nothing on the FIRST offical site says its changed… so I wouldn’t trust Wiki until there is another source to confirm!

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There is no practical way for the Championship to be moved from Atlanta. To much money has been spent by teams already

The people of Atlanta will pull through, just bring your track shoes and expect more walking than ever.

C’mon, did you really need to post that obvious prank here? The sentence in Wikipedia says the GA Dome was destroyed. Please simply scroll up and look at the picture. :ahh:

That sentence and many other comments in Wikipedia, should make you think about how reliable the information is that is provided there.

i like the feel of natural lighting

There’s a pretty good slideshow on Yahoo news here. Some of the damage to the Omni seems pretty extensive in images 16, 23, and 31. I’m sure they would have to replace furniture and carpet, paint, etc. in some of the rooms exposed to high winds and heavy rain. Hopefully everyone in Atlanta recovers quickly!

Well, you wanted a water game… :yikes:


I feel bad being so selfish, but I find it luky that the two building we use were the two that were least damaged.