pic: Agreeing to Disagree


At the webhug Jessica Boucher discussing volunteer field assignments with Billfred, aka William Leverette.

Caption Contest #100:

Man, that was fast posting.

I suppose an explanation is due before everyone thinks that Jessica has lost her mind or anything. Last night at the volunteer dinner, they mentioned the volunteer head-type folks working each field. They told us that Jessica was working Archimedes. (She wasn’t.) I relayed this misinformation via AIM, and the rest is pretty much explained by the picture.

Oh, and I got a haircut.

Ad Hoc caption contest #1:

“Jessica and Billfred demonstrate the traditional FIRST Championship courting ritual”

Good to see Billfred finally got what he deserved :wink:

it looks like billfred was enjoying this onslaught from jess… but i guess when you mess with the powers that be things kick ya in the… well i guess its more of a clipboard to the head =D

Hahaha fantastic picture! Have fun in Atlanta!

I am speechless…
but I will think of something by the time it becomes an obvious candidate for the photo caption contest. :wink:

Nooo!! Not the hair!! NOT THE HAIR!! :slight_smile: It was so cool.

Haircuts are evil.

And now I see all the fun I’m missing in Atlanta…:frowning:

a haircut? boy howdy, if anyone ‘deserved’ a haircut, it was him. now he looks (almost) human.

Actually, the haircut is what happens when you gamble and lose.

Picture it: Palmetto 2006, Saturday morning. After a rough two days of competition, 1293 is 2-4. The three matches that morning included such top-billing opponents as 1676, 422, and 343. I told the team that if we won all three matches that morning, I’d (after about two years of not getting one) get a haircut.

1293 went on to post its first winning record in qualifying. Ever.

(Granted, we had some great partners over those matches, including 818, 1319, and even 343 themselves, but still, it was quite a feat to us.)

Billfred, you are heading down a glorious path with that kind of bet. Keep giving your team incentives, and you’ll end up like Karthik!

(We should all aspire to this!)

P.S. Made a similar bet with my team regarding the 2005 STL Regional CA, and was rewarded with green hair at our next event.

Heh, I figured it was for a decent reason. (For an encore performance, though, they’ll have to get FIRST gold in one of its two flavors–I won’t be picky.)

Kinda makes me glad 116 didn’t win Chairman’s at peachtree, otherwise I’d be toting a mowhawk in Atlanta right now. Why do people in FIRST always bet their hair? :wink:

Maybe Karthik will have to bet something else next. :smiley:

aw darn I’m in that pic lol

So is this what happens when Jess finds out that Billfred skipped out on helping the vex field so he could go to the webhug?

This was also the product of not sleeping the night before to fly down to Atlanta to make it just in time to hug. ::shakes fist at Billfred for making me worry::

You also get a rare view of my clipboard. The “got bot” sticker has almost worn away, but the “Babo” sticker (Babson Police) and an Olin College sticker are now joined by an AndyMark sticker.

Mark, I had no idea that was you! Why didn’t you say hello? :stuck_out_tongue:

Your kung-foo is weak, Jess. I was up for 55 hours straight prior to coming to the ATL…

Upper arm (protected by an FVC referee shirt and a just-worn-to-Palmetto-before 1293 shirt), actually. :wink:

Or, I kick you off my field…Jon knows that firsthand!

5 seconds later I forgave him and allowed him back on the field…but man, I have never seen a pout like that! :slight_smile: