pic: Agreeing to Disagree

Hey I wasn’t pouting just cowering in fear because I actually thought you were mad at me… I didn’t want a clipboard to the head like billfred here.

And had I known that Billfred skipped out on his Vex responsibilities to go to the webhug I would have hit him on the other side with MY clipboard! :frowning: The rest of us Vex folks performed our designated volunteer duties…
(OK, I wasn’t on the Vex fields AND I missed it because I was escorting Vex VIPs to the Hospitality Suite and preparing for the NEMO meeting…)

One of those things I learned in kindergarten - never introduce myself to an “enraged” woman wielding a clipboard.

You know, there might be a history here. If you look closely you can be spotted fleeing the scene of a spectacular blow up.

Wow, I missed that. When/what was that all about? And Jess, were you shirking your duties and really running away??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Kathie I think this was the balloon display with the FIRST logo
At some point in the opening ceremony all of the balloons exploded/popped
The engineers would have to explain how it happened but it was cool
Like fireworks.

but then again - it could have been a robot :ahh:

See that silver pipe&drape? thats the start of Galileo. And we were all shooed away from that area past it because there was a TON of judges lined up for introductions on my field. The explosion was the balloon structure of the FIRST logo. So, not exactly running away, I’m moreso milling around until we could get started.

Plus, by the way my hand looks, I was on the radio, pressing the button to talk that was clipped on my shirt. I didn’t realize I was caught on camera this much - I’m supposed to blend in!

(Furthermore, no one seems to have mentioned…I’m not even tall enough to hit Billfred in the head :p)

Now you’re really stretching your credibility. Does anyone remember Jessica blending in anywhere?

I just wish I could have stuck around the webhug longer.

Nope. (Those dark blue FIRST shirts just scream “HEY! I’M IN CHARGE HERE!” more than the average crew shirt–or even the average ref shirt.) :wink:

Aha! I missed all the FRC opening ceremony stuff. Did they do this on each field? (I guess I will search for a thread on the Opening Ceremonies to see what I missed!)

Resurrecting an old thread. Wow, everyone looks so young in those photos :stuck_out_tongue:

And thus is born a multitude of caption contest entries.

(turning 30 this year)

I’m turning 46 tomorrow.:frowning:

I would say cry me a river but I’ve already got one after TU3.

(btw thanks for refining that, GDC!)

Whippersnappers! :smiley:

55 is not a speed limit, it is the age of enlightenment.

I’m feeling a little too enlightened, or perhaps I’m beyond enlightenment?

“55 is not a speed limit, it is the age of enlightenment.”

I SEEN the light!

Thanks for making me feel OLD! :mad:

Then I remember that I was 30, once. I didn’t ache as much, my eyes were better, but I had only 4 MB RAM in my '486-DX50…
:wink: :wink:

I was 28 when I heard what FIRST was.
That was a long time ago.:eek: