pic: Ah, so that is what goes on the rails....

We’re going to Q&A our current bumper system, but that is what goes on the rails (which have now been removed and replaced with a far superior system).

Prototyped already with wood and the rollers are indeed capable of getting that ball from the floor to the top of that plexi (incredibly well I might add)

The rest coming… after i’m done eating… and designing… and overall just being slow and lazy.

I know there will be a question about 5 cims. First off the toughboxes are only going to have 1 cim each. I left the toughboxes with 2 due to uh… sheer lazyness. Secondly, the front motor is going to actually be a globe but I forgot to change it out in the assembly when I took this screenshot. The second motor for the middle roller is a globe also. Also this assembly currently weighs 66 pounds with electronics. Plenty of room to spare for the second half of the manipulator

If you get an answer for your Q&A for your bumper system, can you let me know, through PM or this topic? We wanted to do something similar but I was not sure…

Very nice looking robot so far! Just got to get it built :wink:

The bumper system seem to be the question of the day! The update #2 only made it less clear (in my mind). Our team is considering a similar chassis, with angled front bumpers, but in the wide track format. We’ll be looking for your post!

We water jet it in… T-Minus 6 days. So I got to get this thing done already in inv/cad!

I’ll be sure to get my mentor to Q&A it with a picture of how we’re going to do the bumpers and see if we can’t get a response. I’ll PM you guys and anyone else with a link to the post as soon as we get it up.