pic: Ahh...finally.

After waiting for the FedEx truck, who claimed to have no lift for the truck, and who decided they weren’t going to come, we finally got the robot on and shipped.

wait… what did i miss?? :smiley:

Whoa. Total relief, huh? Ours is about to be picket up in an hour or so. Hope they don’t bail out on us like they almost did you guys.:]

it’s 7pm and we are still waiting. My Wii is getting a work out at least.

ahh the conveniances of bagging :smiley:

Why would you drive a truck with no lift?

Because FedEx apparently has a shortage of lift-equipped trucks.

Oh, yeah… you simply bag your robots, but everyone else gets 40lbs and “unlimited” time to play with it on whatever they can come up with for a drivebase/other stuff. You can get in what, once a week for 8 hours?

Our driver was really cool. Our mother goose explained to him that she was supposed to talk slow so that we could finish securing down the robot in our crate (yeah, kind of left that to the last minute, literally), and he just said he was on the clock and it was the last stop of the day, so he just hung around until it was finished. I think he thought we were crazy though, because we followed his truck out into the parking lot. Apparently, none of his earlier stops did…

Robot shipped at 7:45. I saw 5 other robot crates in the truck. I wonder what the robots would say to each other if the could talk. Another random questions: Where does the “soul” of a robot reside? When making modifications to a robot, when does its “soul” change too? Totally off topic, I know. I think the long nights with high school students and robots has warped my brain.

I think the soul resides in the magic smoke of the robot, because you know its there, but you never want to see it, cuz if it leaves the robot, your robot might be dead.:smiley:

actually, our robot runs off a high pitched tone coming from somewhere near the center of the robot(its an G-minor we had the robot tuned) :stuck_out_tongue:

Like a heartbeat- but not beating?

maybe, if it is the robots heart, its got some kind of valve problem,because every once in awhile, we get a sudden “boost” of power:rolleyes: