pic: AIM HIGH Lives on...

We salute these brave men as they prepare for battle…

OK, OK, it is just a corporate soccer game but look at their COOL uniforms.

They are the soccer team from Credit Suisse (Banking and Investment); one of NYC FIRST's fantastic supporters and a source of many great FIRST volunteers. They are getting ready for their last game on Sept. 6 (7PM) at the Chelsea Piers. Come and cheer them on if you are in the area.
Guess what is their team name?


FYI: "Winning Machines" will be playing against "Analyze This" at 7:45PM on West Field at Chelsea Waterside Park (23 St. & 11Av)

one word: Awesome.

What was this for?

That is pretty cool. You should paint half of the soccer ball red and the other half blue. Just to make it a tad cooler.

That is so cool. :slight_smile: So I"m guessing there was a soccar game?

Credit Suisse is one of NYC FIRST’s major sponsor of the FRC events and NYC Teams has a soccer team.
This year they are wearing the AIM HIGH Volunteer crew T-shirts as their uniform to show their support for FIRST Robotics in NYC.

The team engages in corporate competitions with other companies.
It is good advertisement and recruitment for NYC FIRST. :]

Oops, I count three guys without shin guards… :ahh: