pic: Aim Vex

Aim High bot, Vex style

What type of balls are those?

Also, can we see a video?

Cute. I like it a lot. The video would definitly be helpful.

Dittos on the cute
What did you use for the ‘net’? It almost looks like hangers :slight_smile:

(Do I dare see my two favorite things in this picture… robots and horses?? :rolleyes: )

Nice. Reminds me of a quarter scale 254/968.

are you just using gear reduction to get the top wheel spinning fast enough to launch the balls. or do you have a differn’t motor?

from what i remember from atlanta, different motors are being used. to get the wheels spinning fast enough with gear reduction would require VEX parts that arent sold.

btw nice job, :smiley:

The purple ball at the top I know is a Nerf Ballistic ball. Im not sure if the green ones are too. Good job Mahlon. I can’t wait to see it in action. Maybe you’ll bring it next Tuesday.

Me too. They both had a great design that worked very well, and it’s cool to see that it’s being implemented in a VEX bot.

Approximately how far and fast can it shoot the balls?

That is a good looking robot! A few questions…

  1. What is the top shield made of?
  2. Are the curved metal pieces Vex ones, or others?
  3. Did you use Vex motors for the shooter (this can be done, it just requires significant gearing)?

That’s a nifty ball conveyor.

Nice job… that looks like something that would be a lot of fun to drive. I guess this is what FIRST kids do when they don’t want to study for finals- make a miniature of their own team robot!

Anyways, nice job!

The Canuck

But it isn’t anything like our robot. Heh… it reminds me of 107’s robot after their overhaul in West Michigan. He used some kind of plastic on the top for the curved and there’s some erector parts too.

it kinda looks like our robot. that was my first thought when i saw it. awesome!!! how many balls does it shoot and how fast?

about half of the pieces are erector. the top wheel is powered by a regular vex motor that I ran a straight shaft to one of the 60 tooth vex gears. that runs to another axle with a 60 tooth and a 12 tooth gear on it the 60 tooth runs to a 12 tooth on the shooter axle. the side shield on the shooter is quarter inch plexiglas, and the top shield is one of the flat rectangular pieces that came in the kit. :smiley: The balls are foam t-balls that I got at wal-mart, not the nerf ones budda! The top ring and the “track” is high tensile electric fence wire that I found lying around the farm. The rest of the basket is other wire about the size of coat hanger, probably a little smaller, and the elevator is the tank tread kit. it will hold about 30 balls (if I had that many) :smiley: :smiley: , and shoots about a ball every half second. It will shoot the balls about 10 feet give or take, and they will go about 3 feet high :]

well that is an awesome thing to see. I’m glad to see our and 254’s design being used in vex.