pic: Aiming High (at 1/3rd scale)

This is a photo from today’s Drop it, Build it, Fly it competition at our local science museum. MARS setup an informational table to spread awareness of FIRST. The (now completed) Ballistic Jr. 1/3rd scale model was a fantastic aid.

Another angle:

Awww! It’s adorable! That’s probably not what you wanted to hear. But I still think it’s cute. My coach and guy teammates have told me that ‘cute’ is not a word associated with robotics. I disagree. Vex is very cute, especially when the game is a miniature of the FIRST competition. Also, 1.5" c-clamps are cute, as is the tiny itty bitty aluminum angle stock. And the little tiny machine screws and those little bitty nuts are also cute. And little bitty bearings are cute. And your little tiny robot is cute.

edit: I just noticed that Vex looking controler. Is it a little Vex bot?
edit again: I totally just saw the thread about the mini FRC challenge. On man, I totally have to check that out if I get a break from scouting.

Thats sooooooooo cool, if you have any more pics, or videos of it in action?

Uhm… thanks? :wink: Better than this slightly disturbing comment on another thread (this is how you know that someone is addicted to FIRST…) :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a 1/3rd scale version of our FRC bot, recreated in Vex. The miniFRC challenge should be lots of fun and definitely check it out if you can!

Thats sooooooooo cool, if you have any more pics, or videos of it in action?

Yes, in fact I do. The thread about our mini bot is available here: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=46552
That video was taken before the side mesh, bumpers and lexan were on, so it looks much closer to the real thing now.

Thanks for the kind words!

Hahaha, at least he wasn’t wanting to ask a robot to prom. There was some joking about that on our team.

Great mini version of that great shooter robot, just saw the video, loving it.

Here is the mini version of team 1345’s robot . Perhaps Mars and Platinum dragons do that thing again just like we did at the swamp scrimmage… Platinum dragons in the front and Mars in the back… start shooting. Good luck at championships.