pic: Aiming High with Balloons!

MARS discovered that our catapult works for shooting balloons. Too bad we didn’t know before trying it at Mission Mayhem - could have been fun at our team’s end of the year celebratory party!

For video of the 1523 MARS MAYhem dance see http://marsbot.org/1523dance. It is part of our full length Mission Mayhem video.

Reminds me of the 2003 BEST robotics game.
“Party who is bring the balloons?”

no worry team 1523 2006 AIM HIGH robot can bring them

I am extremely sure that any ballon that went through our shooter would pop. Were you able to fire these?

I was a little concerned when I saw the word “balloons”.

But when I saw 1523’s catapault bot, I was relieved.

The catapult worked great and to our surprise fired the balloons without any problems or popping them. Unfortunately the autonomous “dance” was meant for a full size field, so our bot “tripped” and fell on the mid-field ramp very early in its routine (but still fired off a balloon lying on its side). Now we’re thinking about renting it out for birthday parties! :wink:


After doing our own robot demo today, and having forget all of poof balls smacks head, we improvised with balloons. To keep the balloons from popping, inflate it so that it is approximately the same size as a poof ball. Then take duct tape in small strips (long strips rip balloons) and cover every square inch of the wannabe-poof ball. The duct tape prevents the balloons from snagging and popping. This idea works great! Try it! :smiley:

Wow… just wow. Good stuff.

As said above “Wow”. Ain’t duct tape grand! Great problem-solving.