pic: air cannon

This was our offseason project. We were asked by our school to create something to shoot tshirts into the crowd at a homecoming rally. We managed to attach the cannon to our 2005 robot so that it could be aimed with the arm. =]

How far will it shoot?
Is it just air, or do you have a ram to push the shirts out?

Also anybody thinking of taking this to a competition next year? :smiley:

wicked sick. thats awesome, can i use it sometime :wink: and yeah, is anyone going to take to any competitons next year?

That looks really nice, do you have any other pictures of it?
What years robot did tou use to make it, or did you make a robot for just that purpose?

This is the caption from CD media.

Ok so i’ll try and upload some more pictures. I just got back from our homecoming football game where we shot even more shirts. this time we lobbed them nearly straight up (sometimes it went clear over the crowd… oops). i believe we were using around 45 psi. and yes, only air is being used to launch the shirts. and to answer someone else’s question, this was our tetra-stacking robot with the tip of the arm removed.

edit: here are some more pictures.

thats cool. we have two (one belongs to our seniors) that are hand held, but we shoot confetti from them. what does this airzookabot shoot?