pic: AIR Strike 78 2013

Presenting our 2013 FRC Robot - Striker Mk. IV

Photo by Joe Menassa

Awesome! After trying to have a 30pt climber and a similar shooter sharing space on our robot we ended up with a similar set up. Shooter put on top of a 10pt climber.
Your robot looks nicer though. :wink:

Ultra clean looking bot. Looking forward to playing together again in Maine! Good luck at GSR next weekend.


Rick / All,
Looks fantastic. I love a sleek machine. I’m looking forward to seeing it in person.


Looks great! See you guys in Boston, hopefully we’ll do better against you than in 2011 :wink:

Hi Cam, thanks for the kind words. We will not be competing in Boston this year…just BAE in NH and Pine Tree in Maine. Good luck!

Gorgeous bot, and might I add those are some of the nicest bumpers I’ve seen…

Another great-looking robot from 78… looking forward to playing with you at Granite State!

Wow! That looks way nicer than much of the professionally designed and constructed equipment that we make and buy.

Looks great as always, guys! Very sharp and clean, and the smoked Lexan is a great look. Hope to get a chance to see it in person in St. Louis!

I always expect a clean robot from you guys, and you never fail to disappoint. the smoked Lexan is always a plus as well. I’m not going to be in NH, but I’ll be watching to see this thing in action.

If this is sarcasm, you don’t know Jack about Air Strike. :slight_smile:

Could you post a video of the frisbee giong all the way from the floor to the shooter? (And of course, shoot it once it gets there!)

The robot looks awesome. Although, it seems like it would be rather easy to tip over if hit from the wrong angle or even on quick turns. No?

Hi Brandon. We don’t pick up off the floor. The only video I know of is the teaser that was posted a few days ago. I’ll ask around to see if there is any video to post. We will be competing next week at BAE…be sure to check out the webcast if there is one!

There is a fair amount of weight in the chassis…and our drivers have had plenty of time on the sticks to smooth out their driving. Should be a fun game to see played!

And thanks to all for the kind words…lots of hard work this year hopefully will pay off!


Beautiful robot as always guys, can’t wait to see it in person on Thursday! Also, would you mind answering a few questions?

What is your drive train?
What kind of shooter is that?
Do you have a hanger? If so where does it hang at?

Thanks, amd Good Luck!

Thanks for the compliments everyone. We tried to stay within the bounds of what our team could produce, and the result was a clean and efficient machine that met the requirements we set early in build season.

The drive train is a slightly modified KOP chassis running with toughbox minis. The rear wheels are 2009 KOP slick wheels.

We have a linear shooter powered by 2 bag motors. The first shooter wheel runs slower to get the disc up to speed before launch. We can score from half court to up against the opposing player station and everywhere in between. The intake loads from the HP on top of the shooter to a servo powered indexer. It takes 6 seconds to empty the clip.

We use the blue 2 7/8" Banebot wheels to shoot. The high speed shooter wheel can fire about 100 discs before it needs to be replaced. We made a ‘lifetime buy’ of the wheels to have enough for our entire season (both official and unofficial events).

The robot has a passive 10 point hanger located about halfway up the frame on the front. The driver simply drives into the lower rung and the robot lifts up about half an inch.

Stop by our pit at either GSR or Pine Tree and check it out!