pic: AIR STRIKE 78 2017 - "The Ocho" Mod 1

Presenting our 2017 FRC Robot - “The Ocho” Mod 1

For video showing features: https://vimeo.com/211244052

Photos by Joe Menassa

For more photos visit: https://www.instagram.com/airstrike78/

Competing at Granite State, Southeastern Mass, & Rhode Island District Events

Meet the second iteration of AIR STRIKE 78’s 2017 Robot - “The Ocho”. We opted to remove our fuel shooter and intake at GSD and move our climber closer to the center of the robot for SEMASS.

The shooter was impacting gear scoring by blocking vision for the driver to place the gear. Also the production version of the shooter was not fully dialed in.

We’ve been extremely happy with the automatic gear pickup and the gear placement performance. Our gear subgroup is constantly looking for ways to improve maintenance and reliability. We’ll be looking to join the 4 rotor club this weekend at RIDE.

For RIDE, the climber subgroup is in process of upgrading our climb ropes to 7 times stronger tubular webbing and improving climb time to a sub 2 second climb (from 4.5s).

Mod 1 will compete this weekend and we hope to have Mod 2 (with auto fuel capabilities) ready for District Champs.

Whats your gear ratio for your climber?

Approximately 65:1 with a 1.5" drum