pic: AIR STRIKE 78 Drive Train

For the first time ever, we are building a practice bot. Here is a cool shot of the practice chassis.

For more pictures from our 2017 season visit: https://www.instagram.com/airstrike78/

I like that gearbox a lot! I looked through the album on instagram and saw the side view of it. Any chance you’ll be releasing CAD at any time?
Also, loving the 8 wheel WCD.

EDIT - Woops. I did not notice that was the EVO.

What EVO ratio do you have? We wanted a 4.77 and 10.86 but they never came in stock, so we just went for a ball shifter.

Mmm always love your robots. Can’t wait to see this thing perform, Rick!!

Looking through 78’s Instagram reveals that these gearboxes are not EVO Shifters, but in fact very elegant single speed gearboxes. They just happen to have similar-looking pockets.

Beautiful, simple drivetrain, Rick!


What no butter wheels Rick?

Hope it does well for you, I’d say hope to see you at CMP but… Either way, good luck.

Looking good guys, nice and clean design.

As Nick said they are beautiful.

Nick is correct, these are not shifting gearboxes. Our team strives for simple, and I think this drivetrain may be our go to for flat floor games in the future.

Our fall practice drive train used the Single Speed, Single Reduction Gearboxes from Vex:


Our gearbox plates are essentially the same thing except instead of sheet metal we went with 1/4" waterjet plate. The gearboxes have a mount for encoders similar to the Vex design and mount to both the drive rails and bumper rails. We are running a 6 motor drive train for the first time with 4 CIMs and 2 Mini-CIMs.

A big thanks to 558 for the inspiration on this design.