pic: AIR Strike 78 Elevated in NH

AIR Strike, team 78, elevated after an quarter finals match at the BAE Granite State Regional.

As a photographer, I can retire happy knowing I captured this moment for my team.

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This picture alone is enough to make our efforts this season worthwhile. :slight_smile:

You guys did great at GSR

When you guys did that in Finals match 3. Our entire section was screaming “Nooooooooooooooooooo”!

Good job AIR Strike! Our team was truly honored to play with you guys in the finals!:slight_smile:

totally sweet!

(Sorry Paul. I can’t think of any better words)

What should be mentioned is that team 78 did that in all the championship matches, i think. It was like an automatic extra 2 points for our alliance. Very reliable design.

that arm was basically a guaranteed two points. it was cool to see dean kamen go check it out at the end of a match. i dont’ think i have ever seen him do that.

That robot was great! It made getting two points look so easy! Great job, AIR Strike!

I really can’t decide which lifter I liked to watch more at BAE - this one or Gaelforce’s. Both were very fast and reliable. Well done to both teams :slight_smile:

Standing behind Dean is Mike Heffron, president of BAE Systems.

Gael Force was my favorite lifting robot. As usual, they were very consistent and impressive.

501 was rooting for you, Airstrike. We were really impressed with your bot and your team.

I have to say that 78’s lift was brilliant in comparison to ours. I was a bit jealous that we didn’t think of it…

Thanks guys! I loved watching the 78 robot climb. We didn’t think of driving up the pole like that as even being an option. Blows me away at how simple and effective it is.

You guys were great at BAE and your lifting killed us in the semis. Great job 78.

My favorite lifter was 151. quick and effecient.

Hey Daniel,

Here is another good pic for you: action shot of 78 vs. 1729. Looks like a real 4-H showdown!