pic: Alex Cormier's Vex Base and Basket

Cormier wanted me to “put something humerous” in here but i cant think of anything…so…uhm…leave comments on how to “tear this apart and make it better” says Alex.

That’s the same ratio (direct drive w/ 4" wheels) that 116 has used the past two years, and that 1114 is also using this year, but both 116 and 1114 only had 4 motors for our 6WDs.

like i said before, im just playing and yes i am going to change this too. I don’t even have enough motors myself to finish the bot and make it work. I will have to revamp the base a lot to make it work with the new basket and such.

Good Job Cormier!

omg!!! that looks EXACTLY like my current robot.

Same wheels, almost same ball intake design!!

wow… good thing I’m changing it


don’t you worry it will be totally diffrent and very functional the next time you see a pcture of it.

Id start with putting a reciever on it, wont do much good if it cant recieve signal. thought id let u know cormier. and wheres the 2 speed tranny i thought ud have something better.

haha Cormier you and your crazy ideas lol!