pic: All girls team? Maybe.

Team 2399’s wonderful crate. We’re considering changing our name to the “Fighting Unicorns” since the pink unicorn has taken over our team ^.^

How does Ed feel about the new name? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

He doesn’t know yet, I guess we probably should tell him at some point :o

I’m sorry, but TeamHB is a pretty lame name and at some point one of the girls thought of the name “the Fighting Unicorns.” So, for the entire competition I had random members informing me that we have to change our name to that. I mean, if Ed wants to come up with a better name, he can try lol.

I want to create a team called “The Zombie Apocalypse” for two reasons:

  1. I want to hear JonDarr Bradshaw say “The Zombie Apocalypse”.
  2. I want to hear the cheer:

But no, really, the Fighting Unicorns (or the Pink Unicorns) is a great name for a team. Go for it!

I don’t know, looks kind of like a Rapidash to me. Rapidash use uber-tube! It’s super effective.

AH. If only we were zombies…

Actually MagiChau, I believe the hoodie design (my icon) was inspired from Rapidash, so that makes sense! But the wonderful pink unicorn on our crate is not a fantastically flaming Pokemon xD

Hahahahaah, made my night! :smiley:

Fighting Unicorns?

Zombie Apocalypse?

…apocalyptic fighting zombie unicorns?


I think it’s clear that we’re all doomed.

Roll your own time. Any of these catchy enough for the girls?

D A F Z U ? doomed apocalyptic fighting zombie unicorns

D U F A Z ? doomed unicorns fighting apocalyptic zombies

U F D A Z ? unicorns fighting doomed apocalyptic zombies

Z U F A D ? zombie unicorns fighting apocalyptic doom

Select the one you like. :stuck_out_tongue:

DUFAZ sounds ominous and disturbing, and would make a good mindless-crowd-shuffling-toward-you chant. I approve.

(And if any of you actually appreciate my brand of off-kilter humor, please see the thread about the ABNA contest I posted in the random talk section of this fine forum dedicated to robotics and robot-like fantasticalities.)

Oh my… somehow this has turned into a unicorn horror movie o.O
But in the coolest way possible! I’ll talk to my team about all the suggestions at the next meeting! Thanks!