pic: All NASA Teams - 1997

Here are all the NASA sponsored teams from 1997. The picture is taken on one of the playing fields, for those who never saw the Disney tents.

Team 61, which spawned 207, 294, and 330 is the 4th from the left. Can people help identify the rest?

I’m fairly sure Team 100 is in there somewhere.

I think team 116 should be somewhere in there too.

You cleaning out your closet Joe? You keep posting these old pictures, one at a time. You tease. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t help but notice the old FIRST logo… When FIRST updated their logo this year, they said they were going for a more “modern” look, but it just struck me how similar the logo back then looks like it does now with italicized lettering and lack of outlining on the actual shapes. The only hting thats different is the orientation.

I guess you mean the team that became Team 100 when permanent numbers were assigned? My recollection is that teams did not have permanent numbers until 1998.

Yes, I meant the modern day Team 100.

My memory is a little fuzzy, but I recall an early California FIRST event held in the historic airship hangar at Moffett, circa 1998(?) Team 100’s accomplishments include winning the NASA Ames regional in 1999, so I’d guess WHS was at the event that I recall? Were you there with them?

1999 was the first year we had a west coast regional, and as you noted, was held at Moffet.

I was not there with the team,however. I didn’t join until the fall of 2000. I actually was there as a spectator though.

I beleive the 4th team from the right became team 114, and the team on thier left became team 100.

The following teams are included in this photo:

Team 8 - NASA Ames Research Center / Applied Materials & Palo Alto High School (in 1997 they were numbered Team 85)

Team 100 - NASA Ames Research Center/ Lockheed-Martin Missile & Space & Woodside High School (in 1997 they were numbered Team 86)

Team 114 - NASA Ames Research Center & Los Altos High School (in 1997 they were numbered Team 84)

Team 116 - NASA Headquarters and South Lakes High School (in 1997 they were numbered Team 88, and later moved to Herndon High School)

Team 117 - NASA Headquarters / Carnegie Mellon University & Taylor Allderdice High School (in 1997 they were numbered Team 87)

Team 118 - NASA Johnson Space Center & Clear Brook High School/Clear Creek High School/Clear Lake High School (in 1997 they were numbered Team 89)

Team 119 - NASA Kennedy Space Center/Delaware North/DYNACS/ & Merritt Island High School/Satellite High School (in 1997 they were numbered Team 90)

Team 120 - NASA Glenn Research Center and East Tech High School (in 1997 they were numbered Team 92)

Team 122 - NASA Langley Research Center & Phoebus High School (in 1997 they were numbered Team 91, and later moved to New Horizons Regional Education Center)

Team 192 - NASA Ames Research Center/ Xerox PARC. & Henry M. Gunn Senior High School (in 1997 they were numbered Team 83)

Team 330 - NASA JPL & Hope Academy / Redondo Union High School / Hawthorne High School / Mira Costa High School (in 1997 they were numbered Team 61)

If you look carefully, you will see all 11 robots on the stage. If you look even more carefully, you will also spot Dean Kamen. If you look EVEN MORE carefully, you will find Woodie Flowers. There are a few other yet-to-become-celebrities hidden in the crowd. If you look REALLY, REALLY carefully, you will not see the photographer. A dozen Krispy Kreme donuts to the first person that was there that remembers who it was.


I wasn’t there so I wouldn’t qualify for the KK but by chance was it you?

You do not have to look carefully to see Dean. I mean, who else on that stage is wearing a denim shirt :rolleyes:? Woodie doesn’t happen to be next to Dean kind of hiding behind that one bot from that angle, does he? And I would also venture to guess that you were the photographer of this particular picture.

The team 6th team from the left is 192.

I can’t say whether Dave was the one taking the picture or not, but he was in the stands, not on the stage.

Almost. The former team 61 now has three teams (as per Joe’s caption).

Hawthorne High School formed 207, the Metalcrafters, now sponsored principaly by Walt Disney Imagineering
Hope Acadamy formed 330, the BeachBots, now sponsored principaly by Ratheon
Redondo Union High School and Mira Costa high school stayed together to form team 294, Beach Cities Robotics, now sponsored principally by Northrop Grumman (then it was TRW)

Personally, I don’t know why the split occured. Maybe Joe could fill us (or me via PM) in?


I stand by my original statement. The team histories map out with the current Team 330 as the former Team 61 (as it was known in 1997, but then renumbered Team 82 in 1998 and Team 330 in 1999, before FIRST started to have teams keep the same team number). Hawthorne, Mira Costa and Redondo Union High Schools split off from 61 in 1998 and joined North High School and Levzinger High School to form Team 164. Redondo and Mira Costa High Schools then split off in 1999 to form Team 294, while Hawthorne joined with SMC Corporation to form Team 207. Some of the threads of continuity from 61 to 330 include the continous participation of Hope Chapel Academy as a participant, NASA as a sponsor, and the presence of mentors like Rob Steele all the way through.


From http://www.bcrobotics.org/archives/1997.htm

“The Southern California ‘Circuit Breakers’ was started in late 1996 by Rob Steele, a JPL engineer and Hope Chapel Academy parent. All the funding was provided by JPL, and Rob worked to get other South Bay schools involved. He contacted Redondo Union, Mira Costa, Hawthorne and Leuzinger high schools, and all joined, except for Leuzinger. The team got off to a rocky start, but somehow a working robot was finished just in time. We went to nationals, and lost every single match.” -Joe Ross

The website from that year is located at http://www.frazmtn.com/~rsteele/beachbot97/homepage.htm

In 1998, Hope Chapel Academy decided to split off, and formed the Beachbots (Team 330). Hawthorne, Redondo Union, and Mira Costa stayed together and were sponsored by TRW and ADTECH and called the Vultures.

And Dale Hall has been a mentor with 294 the whole time, I believe.

OH…The memories… I liked the nationals at Epcot. :]

All of the low-numbered teams, from #1 - #205 (approximately, I am not sure on this exact team #) were given their number in 1998 and they stuck from then on, not 1999. The new teams in '99 started at #205+1 and ended above 300. Teams were not renumbered in '99.

Andy B.

Andy is about right. I checked the rookie years of the low 200s on FIRSTwiki, and team 204 had a rookie year of 1998, the last year they did the team number shuffle. The next team listed (read: team that competed in 2004) is 207, whose rookie year was 1999. To get it any closer would take some fun with the Wayback Machine, which I’m just not motivated enough to do right now.