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My father and I after Spectrum won the Chairman’s award at the 2012 Dallas-West Regional.

Where’s the love button for this? :slight_smile:

It’s always been an honor to know your Dad, Allen, and getting to know you and follow your work with Spectrum, has been amazing. There are other families like this in FIRST who carry the torch together, working towards mutual goals and inspiring everyone you meet, and I’m glad that we have you two in Texas. It’s very very special.

Great photo!


one of the premier father-son duos in all of FIRST.

I only know of another famous duo, Arthur Dutra, father and son.

I am now curious on how many father-son duos exist in FIRST especially where a woodie flowers award is involved.

The Laverys? The Neuns? The Andersons? (grandparents, parents, son) The Nobles? (father, mother, son)

Before it becomes too father/son oriented, let’s add Tina Dutra to the Dutra legacy. Tina was one of WPI’s 2010 Dean’s List Finalists and one of the 2011 Dean’s List Award winners and she is an amazing FIRSTer!


Dave and Kristen Kelso of 131 too. Dave is a WFA, Kristen is a WFFA.

The Forbes, Hills, and Berggrens (I think they both have WFFAs or Volunteer of the year?)

1891’s Dean Klein, who won the WFFA at Utah this year got involved in first when his son joined the team in 2007

Thanks Jane for adding me into this shout out! I’m the lesser known Dutra here on Chief Delphi, but I feel extremely honored that my family was brought up as one of the “FIRST Legacy Families”, especially looking at the other awesome families we were ranked with. ;]

My pleasure, Tina. :slight_smile:

This season we can also add Andy Baker and Rachel Baker to this awesome group, as a fantastic father/daughter duo on their 2012 rookie team, CyberTooth Robotics, FRC 3940, out of Kokomo, Indiana.

We have EricH and ChrisH, of the Husmann family - of FRC 330 fame and legacy.

And what about the Martus men, Mike and Brandon? I know they’ve done something special every once in a great while… haven’t they? :slight_smile:

Oh, oh! Here’s a good one: Lucia Sevcik and Kevin Sevcik. If I’m not mistaken, they are each a worthy WFFA. FRC 57.

Chris Fultz, WFA, and his.whole.crew. who have loved to wear the blue.

If I try to list the Novak family and credentials, I’ll probably blow it. Anyone else want to give it a try?

The Beattys, Mr. Bill and Brian, of the legendary Team Hammond, FRC 71.

The Lavery FIRST family also includes Megan, Dave’s daughter.

And Mom.

The Oliveras

And Mom - Karen, known as KarenH, in ChiefDelphi.


Back on task

Congratulations and well done. Hope to see you both at the Texas Roundup.
You guys set a high bar.

Yes we’ll both be at TRR with our respective teams.

Dad will be in green for #3999 like he normally is.

I know I am a little late on this post, but I had the pleasure of meeting both of y’all at the Alamo Regional this weekend. It was great to be next to him in the pit all day and thank you for your advice and understanding during the inspection process. Thank you for all that you do, especially for us newer teams that have only recently got involved with FIRST.

Mr. B

They’re both great guys, but lets not forget Mrs. Gregory…she helped in cueing this weekend at Alamo, and was very friendly, patient, helpful and organized! Y’all are definitely one of the nicest, most knowledgeable and dedicated families we’ve come across in FIRST!

Congrats Allen!