pic: Almost full rack at IRI

An almost full rack :slight_smile: I think it was missing 3 legs.

I remember that match, I believe there were only two legs open, top 3 and 4.

That was one of the few times I stood up for over half a match in the stands… good show!

Was that greatest fill percentage of any match of the season? I know I never saw something so amazing all season long…


And thats why we all love the IRI

Yeah, there were only two legs open at the end of the match, but I believe it was top 3 and bottom 3. However, I don’t believe this picture was taken at the end of the match, so there ARE about three legs still open.

No matter though, watching this match was incredible! It’s my all-time favorite. I’m just glad I was in the stands to witness this one. :wink:

i think there were two matches where the rack was almost completely full. once in eliminations and once in the quarter finals

I know the rack was filled to 2 or 3 open spots during many elimination matches (there seemed to be a shortage of New England Defense, as it seemed 40, 121, 126, and 177 all played a lot of offense whenever they got on the field). However, it was most impressive that the very first qualifier played left two legs open, just to show how ridiculously high-level the play was at IRI.

I loved IRI this year cuz I actually understood the game.
^ unnecessary fact

anyways I loved it when I saw the rack full, it’s like a beautiful painting almost haha

this happened often too didn’t it? I remember a match it was only missing 2 spider legs, on column 6 or something

It was the end of the match. I took it right as the buzzer sounded, then hustled to get my camera back in my pocket to get on there to do field reset.

wow, i remember watching that in awe!

does anyone know which teams this was…
because this wasnt the 6 keeper match
i dont even remember who to give credit too =D

From the picture i can tell that team 111 is in it and if you look closely you can see our team, 68. i believe this was our last match but i can’t recall what match number it was. there is another picture with 1747, 1038, and us ,68, all with blue keepers, while everything else is gray. that might be from the same match but i’m not so certain

I believe this is the same match, it is finals anyhow as we took our ramps off for the finals. Note the spoiler on middle 5 just placed at the very end of the match.

My guess is that Wildstang won many matches at IRI with well placed spoilers, would I be correct? I know they pulled a bunch of matches out in elims with spoilers at the buzzer, two that I can think of right off hand. Very nicely done.