pic: almost there

I don’t think you can get legal bumpers on the front or rear of that frame.

You might want to check into that.

thats robot looks nice. what week did u finish it?

Bumpers go on next, they fit the restraints of the bumper rules… The bumper in the front will actually be ONE piece with the side. So it will wrap around, because the rules say it has to be a minumum length…We will have three pieces total… one on the rear, and two pieces that make up the sides and front part, still allowing the balls to be sucked in… We are in no way finished, we are here right now @ 10pm on the 6th

Yes, the rules say it must be a minimum length. Have you read Q&A? There are several posts there on how to determine bumper length. The condensed version is that bumper length is determined by the length of bumper that has all 3 of the required parts (backing, noodles, and cloth). Because the bumpers wrap around the corners, and the backing cannot extend into the corners, your side bumpers have 2 segments apiece, and both segments must be at least 6" long due to covering the corners. Therefore, the segment that goes on the front must be 6" long or more. And, to say the least, your front corners look a bit narrow to take a 6" long bumper. I will return shortly after a visit to Q&A to locate the relevant threads.

Stillen, I strongly suggest you and your team read Team Update #8 carefully. You will find that your interpretation of the bumper rules is not correct. Looks like a great bot though, just make sure your design is in compliance with the rules!

Just called the desgin team and woke them up… We Do cover at a minumum the 2/3 of frame. Where our frame sort of kitty corners in the rear (not square), our bumper will follow the contour of the frame. They have calculated that there will not be a section smaller than 6 inches and that is also calculated for the gap where the trailer hitch needs to go… Thanks so far for the input guys…

We aren’t worried as much about the back. It’s the front. If that’s 6" long, you’re using 3" tubing, and I can tell that that’s closer to 2". Remember, you do have to support the full length of the bumpers.

Please go back and re-read the rules, and the team updates.

Each bumper section across the front must be 6" minimum. Going around a corner does not count.

The 2/3 rule is in addition to the minimum 6" requirement.

There are already lots of threads on this topic - please go a read them all again. you dont want to be making changes on THursay morning of your regional.

ok guys, ive read , re-read, had others read the rules… Obviously there is some confusion, on our part… Please refer to our picture above.

The front of our robot only has a total of six inches of frame, IN the bumper zone. That is 3 inches on each side…

The rules state we require 6 inches of bumper on each side of a corner, but they also state that up to a 1/3 of the bumper perimeter may be unprotected. As we only have 3 inches on one side of the corner, can’t we just wrap the noodles around the 3 inches which qualifies as “protecting” the corner and still falls under the 1/3 unprotected area where the ball entry is. There is no frame to support the other 3 inches and this becomes a hole in the rules.

Nope each segment must consist of all parts of the bumper including the backer. Each segment must be at least 6". The backer cannot bend around the corner.

Read update #2. It will answer you questions.

Nice Table.

Found a way to make this work…

The bumpers are 3.5 inches in thickness. Since the side bumpers will stick out 3.5 inches in width, this allows us to have the minumun 6 inches on each side in the front, on both sides. Our frame in the front is three inches on each side, if we are covering that and the width of the bumper from the sides we have the minumum required 6 inches that FIRST requires… ill try and get a photo up in a few hours…

What exactly is the height of your robot. Im just curios as to if there is going to be anything on top

Nope that won’t work. A bumper segment must include the hard backing and that backing must not extend from the bumper perimeter.

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guys see my next picture for the solution…i’m posting it now

ok, let me break this down easily.

Each corner must have 6 inches on either side of it


Your robot must have bumpers covering 2/3 of the robot.


the bumpers must be supported along the whole length of the wood

See the attached image for a possible fix for your frame.

THANK you for the visual aide. I appreciate the assistance … I tried to post an updated pic in this thread but i couldnt figure out how. I ended up posting another pic in a different thread… sorry

Look at figure 8-2, upper left corner and it shows a bumper overhang with no backer.

Currently 54" with the shooter on the turrent mounted. We may add a roller at the top but we would still be under the 60" mark.