pic: Alternate view of Mechanum wheel, with blue rollers added.

mechanum wheel with rollers alpine robotics blue.

How do you plan to manufacture those hubs? It looks like they may be almost impossible to make without a 5 axis CNC mill.

Also, you might consider a hex bore instead of the keyed bore. It’s very nice not having to worry about lost keys.

we have a miniature 5 axis CNC mill, i also was contemplating making the hub and arms separately, when bolting the hubs in. we may make them out of delrin or lexan instead of aluminum to save weight, the rollers will be printed on a 3d printer, then coated in rubber.

What is the diameter of the wheel? Is there any reason in particular that you decided to go with 7 rollers?

It looks like a cool idea to play with.

If you go ahead and make these be sure to post them on CD.

Looks great though.

(off topic, when you take a picture of CAD model, you don’t have to take a screen shot, just go to save as and select jpeg as the type of file…that way you don’t get all the junk around the model, you just get the model).

thank you, the diameter is 8, and i chose 7 because of the roller diameter, there will be bearings inside the rollers and i wanted them to be large enough to fit the bearings. i have the cheap hacked version of solid works from the stimulus package so i dont have any screen shot tools.