pic: Always Come Prepared


Travis Hoffman came prepared to fight back…with silly string…when ariving back in Warren after our win at buckeye.

He caught us off guard during our usual CMA celebration of silly stringing students and mentors as they get off the bus. But come Atlanta we will be prepared for an ambush.:yikes:

Good one. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s right. Announce to Travis that you’re scheming against him.
It’s not like he’s gonna read this or anything…:rolleyes:

Well he will have no idea how we are going to strike against him, plus he has no idea where we will strike. Besides i think he would already see this coming even if i didn’t mention it.:wink:

Don't worry, Ed.  Our students make great human shields.  Especially the drive team - they are light enough to be tossed toward the areas of heaviest bombardment.  :D 

I wonder if I can fit through the bus' emergency exits (yeah right)...perhaps a covert assault from a secret hatch in the floor, ala "Speed"......

Kids don't try this at home.....I actually permanently borrowed that can of string from the trunk of one of our Collegiate Mentors who typically arranges these assaults on our team whenever the bus arrives back from the competition.  That's what she gets for forgetting to close her trunk!

Heh… that reminds me of 2005. One of the students put (non-toxic) silly string on another student’s Oreo cookie. He ended up eating it, as payback, that student put pepper in the other’s chocolate milkshake from McDonald’s. Oh what mean fun we have on 648.