pic: AM 775 Powered Cimulator

Presenting an AM 775 motor on a Cimulator, takes about 10 minutes to make

What kind of output specs do you get? (both theoretical and tested, if you have them)

Why this and not a 775 into a Versaplanetary?

Perhaps because of the CIM-like shaft & mounting holes instead of a hex shaft and odd mounting holes.

*Looks like the air vents are blocked. That motor’s gonna get hot.

Versa planetary mounting holes are the same as that of a CIM, and they sell CIM output shafts.

Perhaps you haven’t taken a good look at the Versaplanetary. There’s a CIM output shaft option and the face mounting holes are two #10-32 holes on a 2" dia. bolt circle. The only thing missing is the piloting boss on an actual CIM.

My apologies - didn’t know :c

I’m not sure why Banebots doesn’t advertise these better. We’re trying them for the first time on one of our mechanisms because we wanted a smaller reduction than the AndyMark Cim-Sim. The smaller footprint and price was a nice bonus too.

Again, why the CIMULATOR instead of the Versa? The Versa is a 3:1, versus the 2.7:1 of the CIMULATOR, so I suppose the 10% speed boost might be worth it. And the Versa is a whole ounce heavier. On the otherhand, the Versa is in-line, which seems more compact to me in most situations.

We’re using it because the CIMULATOR can input two 550’s and we needed more power for climbing. Looks cute sitting on top of the AndyMark wormbox too.

Not sure why you would use it with a 775 though unless…
a. already had one on hand
b. needed to save some weight
c. size profile better fit the design constraints
d. 10% speed boost is helpful
e. $5 cheaper and need to find a way to use the Banebot voucher.
*f. wanted to let others prove the reliability of the Versa’s for a year before trusting the season to it.

*We are using several VexPro parts this year, but I do understand why others would include “f” in their list.

Let me answer or reply to a few questions and comments.

The AM 775 Motors do not have any vents on the front face to block. Now the sleeve might be slightly forward in the picture but not on the bot.

As seen here: http://www.andymark.com/RS775-p/am-2161.htm

a. Yes
b. Yes
c. Not for this application
d. Not for this application
e. Money always matters
f. Not true for us because we are using at least 3 Versa Planetaries on our bot as well as other Vex Pro products.
e. Shipping from Texas to MI is about 3 day delivery unless you are willing to pay for it and that doesn’t help you on the weekend.

At the end of the day we tried to post this to be helpful.