pic: Am I too late? I do hope my valentines day gift isn't too late

I do hope my valentines day gift isn’t too late

Looks pretty! I’d still take it.

thanks will you be fixing anything with a hammer soon?


What’s with the sigh?

You can lacerate your hand picking up swarf, let alone playing with it.

That was the first thing I thought of when I saw this photo. Never pick up metal shavings/chips with your bare hands. You should either be wearing gloves or use something else to collect them with, such as a broom and dustpan.

Things to do while the safety captain isn’t looking, #TTDWTSCIL Im not sure if this hashtag can catch on.

Yes, grabbing chips off of the floor is likely to injure your hand because chips are sharp. Having them poured gently and carefully onto ones hand for a picture, then dumping into the trash, not so much.

Enjoy the robot hint btw.

I knew people used benchgrinders, but I didn’t know you used a manual mill for shooting!

wow, so much safety concern, there’s such a small chance of getting cut, i have a higher chance from getting burnt by them (coming off the mill). even if i do get cut i dont care all too much its part of the job.

i don’t really care about cuts, they have become a norm by now

as long as i’m relatively safe of course. no partially severed limbs and i consider it a good day.

Discolored chips from an aggressive cut. Did they start life looking like brass? Do I smell flywheel?

Not brass, its steel and that’s all i’m giving you

…fully severed, still a good day, but not partially severed…

yep u got it :slight_smile: