pic: Amanda, Big Mike, Paul, and others do the chicken dance at The Garden State Rumble

ahhhhhh good times :slight_smile:

Seeing that alone would be worth the price of registration! :slight_smile:

I remember this!

The Garden State Rumble was a really well-run FVC event. Hopefully I’ll be there next year!

I wasnt dancing. i was singing the chicken dance…

My recollection agrees with Big Mike’s. I seem to remember thinking “I’m glad he doesn’t sing often”.

And I also agree with Libby K - The Rumble WAS a really well-run event. Aside from some minor issues in the morning regarding AC Power (which was resolved in 20 minutes :slight_smile: ) and the relative lack of seating space for onlookers (who thought it would be so well-attended?), the venue/people/officiuals/pits/parking/food was all just great.