pic: Amanda Morrison and David Kelly

she didn’t want me to post this pic, but i did it because David Kelley told me to!

This seems to illustrate the relationship between Amanda & DK perfectly :wink:

Hahahahah, in the words of george im sure, outstanding

She wasnt very happy after she found out that I had made this funny face for the picture. :stuck_out_tongue:

ahh the leadership of indianaFIRST…with role models like this…who needs enemies…or something like that :slight_smile:

Come to a TV near you The ODD COUPLE 2k4 featuring Amanda Morrison and David Kelly

and dude DK it was the phone… I hope

Must be a hard rock thing…the guy in the background is doing it too…

If these two had children, I wonder what they would look like?

(ducks and runs)

Andy B.

oh my. yes, i think that i did get slapped for making that face in the picture. i just happened to turn around at the right time when a picture was being taken.

if “we” had children? uuhhh… hrmmmm… well, we did… uhhh… but then… uhhhh… lets not go there… amanda’s is likely going to be insulted that you even had the guts to put us in the same sentence… andy, i think you’re in trouble! :yikes:

When I get home I think i just found the 2nd part to my avator…:smiley:

Yeah, Andy. Watch out for that left hook.

i’m pretty sure it was a right hook–



Suckerpunch, boys.

In the words of Jess Boucher… “I sense another wrench-chucking coming your way”.


Was that your “funny” face ?? :wink:

Next time you get stuck in the Martus elevator with your Segway for an hour and a half, dont call me because we’ll tell the police to leave you in there longer :stuck_out_tongue:

I will get the pics posted soon.
Don’t forget about the first half-hour they were in there when the “buzzer” was going off and they didn’t call anyone!

Man I get a little chocked up at how much I love you guys, and well this picture just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

hahaha. you defiantly need more posting so i can laugh every time i see a post of yours!