pic: Amanda Morrison's Arm


Who signed her arm?

A. Dean Kamen
B. Woodie Flowers
C. John V-Neun

you'll be suprised what the answer is :stuck_out_tongue:

Woody Flowers, just because it doesnt look like it

For those that didnt read the pic caption

Who signed Amanda’s arm?

A. Dean Kamen
B. Woodie Flowers

I choose C… it definitly doesn’t look like Kamen and I don’t know what Woody’s looks like… I’ll take C…

Just to be different, I say none of the above…

My answer is DJ Fluck


Frank Zappa ???

Looks like the handwriting of one of my professors at URI. His comments are usually just random lines with arrows pointing to my work. But since “Special K” is not an option, on a hunch I will go with JVN :smiley: .


I agree w/ george

Announcer: You are correct, circle gets the square.

JVN i would definatly say its JVN

I’m going to say dean kamen b/c i likebeing different :psince everyone is saying JVN anyway

i’m goin’ with JVN…just cuz i want to.

thats def not kamen cause he signed my hat and it doesnt look like that

I’m aware of this. But that is the only choice that people didn’t say yet so meh. I’m pretty sure actually that it is JVN though.

Just to be more differant than Meli, I’m going to say Woodie… I’ve had a few things signed by him, and his signature looks nothing like what it is :wink:

I say its JVN b/c the first letter definitely looks like a J.
But other than that ive got no idea.:cool:

that would be the signature of the good doctor.


I could put some money down saying that she will never wash that arm again… but i wouldn’t want to take all your money!

Hah! So it was DJ!

Amanda Morrison’s right hand… I don’t think that I saw that hand being washed once but I do know it got some action. This room of people, excluding Morrison, only know what actually went on with her fist and Tom’s face. It’s really crazy what can happen with people are really really tired. :ahh: :yikes:

Dont forget the ice bucket, DK…i dont know how you could forget! :smiley: