pic: Amazing work done by Team 116

Read following post for a full explanation.

Hello all,

I personally do not work with Team 116, but I have some insider information and pictures for you – my father works with Team 116 – but nothing too scandalous of course.

Team 116 has been working extremely hard this season to build two different tetra manipulator systems. The team recently decided upon which manipulator system they are going to use for the competition and let me tell you, it is just plain awesome. How do I know? Well, without giving out any details of the chosen manipulator, I can show you what it beat out.

But before I do, I should tell you that I smudged and cropped out any people in the pictures so as not to offend anyone by posting their picture online. Also, because I do not think it is my place to reveal the *outstanding * base that the students of Team 116 have created for this season, I have smudged and cropped out all parts of the chassis and drive train.

Back to the matter at hand:
The tetra manipulator system you see is capable of holding 4-5 tetras on its “tailgate” and scoring each of them on any of the goals. It works by flipping them over the edge of the ladder onto the top of the goal. It is truly a sight to see (or so I am told). The ladder can be raised and lowered, as well as tilted using two pneumatic cylinders.

I’d like to congratulate Team 116 for a job extremely well done.


:ahh: I have not worked with the team this season because I have been at college. That definately looks like the room the team builds in, but are you sure that is he robot? Somehow I don’t think that is, but I can’t really deny it either because the photo looks unedited past the known modifications. All I have to say is that it looks “interesting” and I await further explanation from the team.