pic: AMP Overdrive, coincidence?

So I really like this new energy drink, ironically enough, named AMP Overdrive. Has anyone else had it, what do you think of it?

Overdrive has actually been around for a while (sometime 2007), and I love it (easily my favorite Amp). It’s actually a beverage I’d enjoy even if it wasn’t for energy purposes. Good flavor, mild kick, gets the job done. There are three new Amps though (Traction, Elevate, and Relaunch), which are all also decent, but not as good as Overdrive.

Yeah I remember drinking that during build season 07 (and getting one of our younger mentors addicted to it… whoops)

Oh AMP, it has stuck with me through thick and thin.

AMP Overdrive? Hmmm, you wouldn’t think Mountain Dew would need a marketing scheme to get to FIRSTers. Maybe they were running out of Dew for us, so they’re trying to point us in a different direction until they can recover from the last build season shortage.

The name is more of a play on overdriving your guitar amplifier, but who knows. :wink:

Hmm, so an empty can got left somewhere in the Lavery household, and the curmudgeon cleaning up thought, “That kid …” and then read the label. “Overdrive? Maybe we can do something with that.” The rest was history.

The coincidence of Sean saying this is a favorite drink of his, & a game being called that is not where the Overdrive madness stops.

I believe wayyyy back when as Kickoff '08 was fast approaching, Dave had a saying or someone quoted him as saying the phrase “Keep On Truckin’?”
(Do I remember this correctly?)

Anyways, without further delay, & after only taking a whopping 6+ months to figure this one out (and actually it just “clicked” 2 minutes ago as I connected the dots from something I saw earlier today as well as remembering Dave’s quote), I present to you:**

Overdrive: The Magazine**

Was this what Dave meant by saying Keep On Truckin’ way back when?
:wink: The world may never know… :ahh: :yikes:

I stopped drinking Amp when I discovered this amazing drink called Spike Shooter. That stuff messes you up it’s so potent. Serious warning here: don’t try it if you weigh less than 140lbs. It will hurt.

Hm, Amp overdrive… Favorite drink of a Lavery… Coincidence?

I’ve really cut back on drinking soda and energy drinks ever since I discovered coffee.

I’ve really cut back on drinking soda and coffee once I discovered Monster (the only energy drink imho).

Monster is another member of my energy drink arsenal, a nice blend of punch and doesn’t taste like I’m licking it off the floor (I’m looking at you, Red Bull). But it definitely takes a back seat to Nos, Full Throttle, and Amp. Amp doesn’t have as much punch, but is the best tasting. Nos and Full Throttle (original) have strong mixtures of taste and punch. BooKoo is my all time favorite for both kick and taste, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere anymore.

Writing this also made me realize that I’ve consumed waaaaaay too many energy drinks in my lifetime:
All 5 Amps
Bawls Cherry
2 types of Bookoo
Nos Grape
Full Throttle Original
Blue Full Throttle (forget name)
Monster M-80
Red Bull
Rock Star
Vitamin Energy
More that I’ve forgotten

Lol I used to put down energy drinks like it was my job. I kinda stopped though because I technically have a heart thing and having caffeine doesn’t help it or something. So now energy drinks are reserved for Robotics Competitions, End Of Semester Cramming, and Late Night Drift Sessions.

Personally My Weapon Of Choice is Monster.
But I’ve Also Drank:
Red Bull
and more that I can’t remember atm.

Posts like this make me glad I’ve never touched an energy drink. The only thing for any type of caffine have been different coffees and the closest one to being an energy drink is the Double Shot.

The only energy drink I’ve ever had was Drank – “Purple” Drank – No not THAT Drank. Drank is an anti-energy drink.


Has anyone tried Bawls new flavor G33K B33R (GEEK BEER for the non-l33t)?
The only thing i don’t like about it is the brown bottle.